Our Menus

Our Menus

Welcome to Tyacks Hotel, where every meal is a journey into Cornwall's culinary delights. Our meticulously crafted menus invite you to experience the essence of local flavors, served with a side of history and hospitality. Begin your day with our Breakfast Menu, offering both hearty hot breakfasts and refreshing cold options, all made with the finest Cornish produce. For lunch and dinner, our Main Menu unfolds a symphony of tastes, featuring giant burgers, savory lasagnes, premium steaks, and more. Indulge your sweet tooth with our delectable dessert section. Planning a private function? Explore our Buffet Menu, designed for gatherings like parties and wakes, showcasing an array of nibbly delights. At Tyacks Hotel, each menu is a celebration – a culinary journey that embraces tradition, quality, and the unique charm of Cornwall. Join us as we redefine dining in Camborne.


Breakfast Menu

Wake up to the flavors of Cornwall with Tyacks Hotel's Breakfast Menu. Our morning offerings extend beyond the ordinary, featuring a delightful array of hot and cold breakfast options crafted from the finest local Cornish produce. From traditional hot breakfasts to refreshing cold selections, each dish is a celebration of the region's rich culinary heritage. Indulge in a breakfast experience that perfectly sets the tone for your day of exploration in Camborne, Cornwall.

Main Menu

Savor the essence of Cornwall throughout the day with Tyacks Hotel's Bar & Grill, our main menu. Whether it's lunch or dinner, our diverse offerings cater to every palate. Dive into mouthwatering giant burgers, flavorful lasagnes, hearty sandwiches, and premium steaks that showcase the best of local ingredients. Conclude your culinary journey with our delectable dessert section. Tyacks Hotel invites you to relish a memorable dining experience, where each dish is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Kids Menu

Perfect for bringing the family.

Buffet Menu

Elevate your private events with Tyacks Hotel's Buffet Menu. Designed for gatherings like parties and wakes, our buffet features an enticing selection of nibbly bits. From savory sandwiches and perfectly baked sausage rolls to fresh fruit platters, our offerings cater to varied tastes. Let Tyacks Hotel enhance your special occasions with a buffet that combines convenience, quality, and the unmistakable charm of Cornwall. Book your private function with us and make your event truly exceptional.


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